"Collaboration and sharing is the future. INTENS is an open collaborative consortium and we welcome all the interested parties worldwide to work with us together for a smarter and greener shipping future."



INTENS consists of 14 Finnish industrial partners and 5 research partners, covering the whole value chain of the Finnish marine cluster, including ship owners/operators, ship designer, ship builder, system/component suppliers, solution/service providers and technology innovators, which have decent knowledge and expertise in ship energy systems' design, build or operation.

Funding Agency

INTENS Vision and Expectation

Business Finland

"Expectations for this co-operation effort bringing together skilled organizations are high. Considerable opportunities in developing sustainable maritime traffic have been recognized. By combining two well-known Finnish strong capabilities, maritime technology and digitalization, Finnish companies create new competitive edge for themselves in the international markets. Based on the knowledge and skills formed in INTENS the companies will develop new components, systems, software products and knowledge based services with higher added value."

- Matti Säynätjoki, Chief Advisor, Business Finland


INTENS Vision and Expectation


"Thanks to the great support from Business Finland Arctic Seas program and the consortium partners, we are able to form this industry-wide ambitious and committed consortium to boost the digitalization and digital transformation of the Finnish marine sector and promote our top-level marine expertise globally."

- Johannes Hyrynen, Vice President, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland LTD

Industrial Partner

INTENS Vision and Expectation


Since starting out in 2001, 3D Studio Blomberg has grown and expanded to become a front-runner in industrial visualisation. Our core expertise and experience lies in holistic visual communications and we’re passionate about using this to develop innovative visual tools and solutions for a broad range of uses, incorporating the latest technology, including AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).


"Deltamarin is proud to be a member in the INTENS consortium, where we can enhance our knowledge of ship operational data handling and various optimization methods and hence develop our new generation ship design process. The cooperation with our research network and company partners is a valuable asset for reaching solutions that both include scientific novelty and represent state of the art in designing energy-efficient and green ships."

- Mia Elg, Development Manager, Deltamarin Oy


"In INTENS, Dinex Finland will develop and optimize catalytic aftertreatment systems (ATS), to meet future emission limits in commercial marine applications. The ATS will be designed for the marine lean-burn natural gas, diesel and dual-fuel engines to improve the knowledge in the field. The consortium offers knowledge from the real applications, fuel development (bio-blends, hybrids) and detailed component information important to ATS development."

- Teuvo Maunula, R&D Fellow, Dinex Finland Oy


"In INTENS, we aim to improve the knowledge among the fleet owners about the advantages of using biomethane based fuels and also develop a tool for optimization of the gas use in a liquefied (LBG) or gaseous (CBG) form based on the vessel total energy effiency."

- Kurt Stenvall, Managing Director, Jeppo Biogas Ab


JTK Power is a medium-sized engineering workshop with 20 years’ experience and production facilities in Vörå, Isokyrö, China and Estonia. We manufacture silencers and products for air raid shelters and perform machining services and acoustic design work.


"Here at Meyer Turku shipyard we want to further improve our leading role as a designer and builder of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly cruise ships. In INTENS, together with our partners, we develop efficient and reliable ways to utilise digital virtual ship models throughout ship’s life-cycle so as to better meet the challenges originating from ever increasing complexity of large cruise ships."

- Kari Sillanpää, Head of R&D, Meyer Turku Oy


"In the wake of the recent decision by the IMO to reduce CO2 emissions from shipping by 50% by 2050, we need to implement ways for the industry to decarbonise quickly. Optimising operations of existing vessels is the fastest way to do this in the short term. The collaboration and funding from INTENS project allows us to create market-leading voyage planning services, with the potential to reduce 30% of yearly shipping CO2 emissions."

- Pekka Pakkanen, Director of Development, Napa Shipping Solutions


"For Parker Hannifin, the research consortium INTENS will enable good cooperation across the shipping industry to develop new filtration systems that enable remotely operable condition monitoring. Parker Hannifin views this an opportunity for tomorrow’s filtration candidates with advanced system integration and optimization."

- Jagan Gorle, Principal R&D Engineer, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Finland Oy


"For Pinja, INTENS is a good opportunity for improving our competence and expertise in hybrid propulsion and multipurpose energy storage systems. In HyPro, the Pinja company project, ship hybridization practices is researched and by the end of INTENS in 2020, Pinja has delivered a state-of-the-art hybrid energy system design."

- Jukka Halme, System Specialist, Pinja Oy


"Tallink Group is the leading provider of high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region, as well as the leading provider of ro-ro cargo services on selected routes. We are committed to minimize emissions and to protect very specific and fragile sea environment in The Baltic Sea region. We are looking forward to be a member in the INTENS-project with our vessel Silja Serenade. We are looking for new solutions to shore side power supply and hybrid technology to minimize CO2 emissions in harbors."

- Kim Hiort af Ornäs, Technical Procurement Manager, Tallink Silja Oy


"INTENS project is a great opportunity to Vahterus to get more specific information, especially about the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems for onboard waste heat recovery, to improve our heat exchanger design to fit on the demands of our customers."

- Kerttu Kupiainen, R&D Engineer, Vahterus Oy


"From Visorc's perspective, we expecti the INTENS project to provide insightful views on the market potential of our technology within the marine sector and also helping us to network with potential partners."

- Jussi Heinimö, CEO, Visorc Oy



We transport passengers and goods across the Kvarken strait. We are reliable, friendly and quality conscious. We are flexible and take the best care of our customers, our personnel and the environment.


"Wärtsilä believes the INTENS project to be an important step towards a smart marine ecosystem. As the outcome, we expect to see improved system efficiency, reliability and availability."

- Sebastiaan Bleuanus, General Manager, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions

Research Partner

INTENS Vision and Expectation


"Digitalisation and data are providing us new opportunities. Various power sources are important for the emission abatement and environmental efficiency is becoming all the time more important. INTENS provides us a fantastic opportunity to drill in the systemic energy efficiency of ships and to draft the energy systems in future vessels."

- Kari Tammi, Associate Professor, Aalto University


"Large amount of waste heat is available in different marine applications and we AT LUT are very excited to investigate novel possibilities to utilize them. By converting the waste heat into electricity, significant fuel savings, emission reductions and energy efficiency increase for ship energy systems can be achieved. Digital twins of waste heat recovery (WHR) system are developed and validated in INTENS and with help of them, the potential of using advanced WHR systems in modern ships can be accurately investigated."

- Teemu Turunen-Saaresti, Associate Professor, LUT University

"The Department of Electrical Engineering at LUT has a long tradition in electrical drives technology research. In INTENS, we continues the marine hybrid technology research by investigating advanced hybrid power systems for future marine vessels, where battery storage flexibility is fully utilized. The key research objectives are high energy efficiency, low emissions and reliable vessel operation. In analysis energy efficiency, dynamic performance and system lifetime cost are under evaluation."

- Pasi Peltoniemi, Associate Professor, LUT University


"At the University of Vaasa, INTENS strengthens the university strategy within sustainable energy solutions. The Project extends the digitalization knowledge to cover hybrid marine power systems, waste heat recovery and emissions abatement solutions, intended for gas-driven marine machineries."

- Seppo Niemi, Professor, University of Vaasa


"Åbo Akademi University will develop methods for ensuring data quality from sensors connected to machinery and devices installed on locations with limited connectivity. The objective is also to be able to compress data without losing information and utilise this data for further processing in the cloud, providing advanced diagnostics features, design and operational optimisation."

- Jerker Björkqvist, Associate Professor, Åbo Akademi


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